Teaching Assistant Salary UK

Teaching Assistant Salary

The Average Salary For A Teaching Assistant In The UK

When it comes to a Teaching Assistant Salary, it can depend on many different factors and there is actually no national payscale for Teaching Assistants. The salary is usually set separately by each Local Education Authority, otherwise known as “LEA”.

However, when taking the average Teaching Assistant Salary in the UK, for full time teaching assistants it can range from around £17,000 per annum to £22,000 per annum. This can of course range depending on area of the country and the actual job role and description. This as mentioned is based on a full time teaching assistant. The teaching assistant salary when it comes to part time is actually only paid within term time, and is paid on what is known as a pro rata basis.

Teaching Assistant – Factors That Can Affect Salary

As mentioned briefly above, the overall salary of a teaching assistant can depend upon a few different factors, and those are:

  • Geographical Area

Different areas of the country can alter the overall salary. You will tend to find the salaries for teaching assistants tend to be higher in the South of the UK, especially the London area.

  • Role & Duties

The role and duties required can also be a determining factor when looking at teaching assistant salaries. The more the teaching assistant is required to do, the more the salary will tend to be.

Teaching Assistant SalaryTeaching Assistant Job Entry Requirements

Just as the Teaching Assistant Salary is determined by each Local Education Authority in each area, so are the entry requirements when looking to become a Teaching Assistant.

There are also different levels of teaching assistant too, including a higher level qualification for those looking to move towards more responsibilities.

If you are looking at the career of a teaching assistant, it is advised to contact your local education authority (LEA) for advice on what is needed within your area to become a teaching assistant. Taking a look at any jobs advertised for teaching assistants locally will also allow you to see what is required as far as experience and education goes too.

Working hours for teaching assistants are generally kept to term time only between the days of Monday to Friday, which is usually a nice plus point for those looking at this career.

Becoming a teaching assistant can be a rewarding job and one many look to pursue. With an acceptable average Teaching Assistant Salary on offer, it can be a great career path for those looking at education or teaching as a possible route.