Level 2 Teaching Assistant Salary

Level 2 Teaching Assistant Salary

The Salary & Job Description For A Level 2 Teaching Assistant In The UK

Becoming a teaching assistant can be a very rewarding job. Helping and assistant pupils and students to increase and higher their learning can be a challenging but enjoyable job. In this article we are going to look closer at Level 2 Teaching Assistants, in regards to what they can be expecting to earn, as well as what they are required to do.

Level 2 Teaching Assistant Salary

Firstly, what is the actual Teaching Assistant Salary for Level 2 qualified Teaching Assistants?

The salary for any teaching assistant is set by the Local Education Authority in each separate area of the UK. So, the salary can differ depending on where you are in the UK, and also, your job description and role.

The average Level 2 Teaching Assistant Salary is between £13,000 and £15,000 per annum. As mentioned, this can differ dependant on many things. This is based on full time teaching assistants and part time teaching assistants would receive similar on a pro-rata basis, although when we talk about Level 2 Teaching Assistant, hourly wages are very rarely offered.

Level 2 Teaching Assistant SalaryLevel 2 Teaching Assistant Job Description

Salary aside, what is required from a Level 2 Teaching Assistant?

Most Level 2 Teaching Assistant job descriptions will require a higher level of support for pupils within the classroom. This includes aiding and helping them to complete tasks and classroom work. A Level 2 Teaching Assistant will also be required to give instructions and support to the class under the supervision of the teacher.

Aside from pupil and classroom support, a Level 2 Teaching Assistant will also be required to work closely with the teachers within the school too, including attending meetings between teachers and parents, as well as making contributions to lessons and the overall learning experience within the school.

When it comes to a Level 2 qualified Teaching Assistant, the level of responsibility is higher than that of Level 1, and with the rewards this job can bring, it can be a highly sought after one. So, aside from the Level 2 Teaching Assistant Salary it can be a great career path with the option to move up to higher level teaching assistant options too.


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