Level 3 Teaching Assistant Salary

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Salary

Salary & Job Description Advice For Level 3 Teaching Assistants

When looking at the average Level 3 Teaching Assistant Salary it is important to know that the actual final salary each individual teaching assistant is offered is going to differ slightly. There are many reasons and factors the salary can differ for Teaching Assistants of all levels.

When it comes to a Level 3 Teaching Assistant Salary the average UK salary can range from £17,000 to £19,000 per annum approximately. It isn’t uncommon to see salaries slightly either side of these numbers too.

The main factors that can alter the Level 3 Teaching Assistant Salary are that of area, and job role. Different areas of the UK can produce different types of salaries for Teaching Assistants and the school can also factor in too. There is no pay scale currently set for teaching assistants, and the Local Education Authority will set the salary locally within each area.

When it comes to the role of a teaching assistant, some schools require more than others from a Level 3 Teaching Assistant. So, depending on what is required from the teaching assistant may also alter the actual salary too for obvious reasons.

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Job Description

When it comes to the actual job description of a Level 3 teaching assistant, this obviously differs slightly from school to school and job post to job post.

However, they are generally required to perform with much more responsibility than that of a Level 2 Teaching Assistant. Although the teacher will still supervise where necessary, a teaching assistant of a Level 3 qualification will be looked at to provide more of an input into classroom lessons and learning.

Aside from the classroom, they will also be required to liaise, support and communicate with other teachers within the school too. This may include teacher meetings and parent meetings of pupils too.

The Level 3 Teaching Assistant Salary is significantly higher than Level 1 & 2, and with the additional responsibility, tasks and role within the school, it can also be far more challenging than that of the other previous levels of teaching assistant qualification.


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